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I'm getting clever. Well, not me exactly but I know a catchy hashtag when I see it and this one was too good to pass up. Thanks to my good friend, April, for coming up with this one.

Last week in Hawaii, April texted me asking "Don't they have nachos in Hawaii?" Again, not being the best at blogging yet, I realized I had waited too long for another post. It's a fine line between posting too much and not posting enough. OK, maybe that's just an excuse for my nacho laziness. Truth is, we were having so much fun in Hawaii the blog just slipped off the priority list.

We spent a few weeks split between Kauai and Maui. Both are beautiful islands! Kauai is the most Hawaiian of the islands. It is a mecca for hiking, boating and relaxing and the restaurants in Hanalei are amazing. Our son, Michael, joined us in Maui for the remainder of our trip. This island has tons of activity. Lots of excursions, snorkeling and a great sports bar at our resort where we watched the first Saturday of college football - ALL DAY! Just so you know, football is better in Hawaii.

Back to the nachos...ahi tuna nachos to be exact. Over the summer Bruce and I have had ahi nachos twice - once in Florida and again in Hawaii. Surprisingly to me they were very different from each other. Both were served on wonton chips but that was pretty much where the similarities ended.

The top picture is the plate of nachos from Florida. We absolutely loved these nachos. The wontons were topped with a sweet seaweed salad, tomatoes, ahi and a wasabi drizzle. There was also a soy based sauce to pour over the nachos. The chips were crispy and stayed crispy! The tuna was seared to perfection and all the ingredients were totally fresh and tasty. Hobo's Cafe in Key Largo got a solid A from us for these amazing nachos.

The nachos on the bottom were from the Westin in Princeville, HI. Princeville is on the north shore of Kauai. It is one of our favorite vacation spots. Some of our favorite restaurants are in Hanalei, a few minutes away. The ahi nachos at the Westin, while tasty, were nothing like and not nearly as good as the nachos in Key Largo. These nachos were more like tuna poke atop wonton chips. As you can see from the picture, the nachos were smothered with guacamole and scallions. All the flavors worked together but it was not the best tuna poke I've ever had and it made the chips soggy.

Thanks to all of you who read and continue to follow I'm excited to march on and keep you all up to date on our travels and nacho adventures (I made that dream is to have #nachoadventures and #nachoaverageblog trending on social media!) Let me know if you have ideas for me and keep sending pics of nachos to me. I promise to try to keep up with this on a more regular basis and I will get to all your nachos soon!

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