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First Nacho Post!!!

Pursuant to my recent Facebook post that was really a tribute to my dad but also a shameless plug for this blog, these inaugural nachos are what my dad and I used to make. The perfect food for watching any and all sporting events....our favorite pastime.

Ingredients - Nacho Cheese Doritos

Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar

Yeah, that's it. My love for nachos is all about two ingredients under a broiler. I still make them this way but a microwave will do in a pinch. You have to grate the cheese yourself. Packaged, grated cheese has a coating on it called cellulose but it is really wood pulp. (Really! Look it up!)

Disclaimer: I'm a nacho blogger so clearly not the healthiest eater. Not here to tell anyone what to eat or push any product. Just telling you what I like.

Bruce and I are on an RV vacation odyssey for the next few weeks.

Most recent leg was from Las Vegas to Cedar City, UT. A short drive but full of gorgeous views of mountains and the desert. Virgin River Gorge, AZ was spectacular as was Zion National Park. Pics below are Maizie and I in front of the RV right before we left and a couple from Zion.

But now, without further ado, THE NACHOS that started it all.

No further explanation needed.

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